Family First Recovery

At Family First Recovery, your family members will be guided in recognizing the different ways in which your lives have been impacted by alcohol or drug abuse.

The Family First Recovery Program

You may be surprised but relieved to know that it is not unusual, as a family member, to have adapted some of the same unhealthy behaviors as your loved one. You may be familiar with denial, secret-keeping, or isolation, to mention a few.

A very important theme of our program is one’s ability to capture the self-awareness needed to differentiate what is in, and what is not in our control. Once achieving this understanding, and implementing it, recovery of the family can begin.  The healthy members can then start to create boundaries, make healthy decisions for the family, begin the process of recovery, and perhaps detach with love. 

Family First Recovery Education & Workshops

Some of the prominent lessons about addiction and recovery come from learning the three "C's" of addiction. The three C’s apply not only to the loved one with substance use disorder, but to the spouse, parent, child, sibling, partner or other affected family members.

The three "C's" are:

I can’t Control it

I can’t Cure it

I did not Cause it

What to expect:

Group discussions

Personal goal setting

Sharing with other participants


Tailored workshops are designed to meet the needs of the family, individual, or organization. Workshops may be half-day or full-day and may be conducted in person or virtually. Contact us for more details.