Meet Emilio

CADC Professional

Through educational presentations and activities, I will provide your family the opportunity to begin the journey of recovery.

Recovery is stronger when all family members understand the nature of substance use disorder and are involved in the healing process. You will receive education  about the disease of addiction, and the different ways in which family members are impacted. 

Family First Recovery will help you:

  • Work through the state of extreme confusion and disorder you are experiencing

  • Work on setting healthy boundaries

  • Work toward rebuilding trust

  • Improve communication with one another

  • Offer consulting and recovery coaching

Family Support

Find relief, understanding and purpose

While treatment for the person afflicted with addiction/alcoholism can be highly effective, this neglects the needs of the family members.  They are oftentimes left feeling angry, hurt, confused, and at their wit's end as to how to start their own recovery process. This process can happen whether the addicted family member finds their way into recovery or not.  I will provide individual and group educational sessions, over the phone, face to face, or virtually that will provide ideas, relief, and pave the way moving forward.